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Chef Danielle owned and operated Great Taste - A Personal Chef Service in the metropolitan Washington, DC area. Her clients enjoyed restaurant-quality meals prepared and served in the comfort and privacy of their homes for more than 15 years. 

Cooking is a life skill and learning to cook can be a breeze with the tips, tools, techniques and recipes she shares at CookingClarified.comShe teaches the ABCs of cooking online with tips, tools, techniques and recipes that make cooking simple. Her straightforward, easy-to-understand instructions demystify cooking and make it accessible for cooks of all skill levels. Visit often for posts and videos that will empower you to cook and entertain.

Low sodium cooking can be delicious and Chef Danielle shares the low sodium recipes and tips to prove it. She started after her husband endured a heart attack that changed her family's life and diet. They have been a low sodium household for more than six years and are still able to enjoy delicious food, thanks to Chef Danielle's research, culinary skills, and commitment to cook flavorful, healthy food to her family.

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